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Monocouche Rendering Houghton-Le-Spring

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Monocouche Rendering Houghton-Le-Spring

There are many positive reasons to render a house in Houghton-Le-Spring; homeowners don’t need to dwell on the benefits of rendering; it is more vital for them to consider which render solution is best for their needs.

WeDoRender, as the name suggests, knows a lot about rendering, and we are here to assist you as best we can. There are many types of rendering on offer, with monocouche a hugely popular option in Houghton-Le-Spring. We offer extensive rendering services, with many benefits to our work, including a longer lifespan of your property.

If you are curious about monocouche rendering, let us introduce it to you and detail why it might be the ideal way to cover your external walls.

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What is monocouche render?

With a name that roughly translates as “one coat”, an immediate benefit of monocouche render is obvious. With just a single layer required, you save time and money applying it to a home. For a cost effective option that remains strong, this is a very popular choice.

This style of render is applied directly, and often with two passes, ensuring there is a perfect finish.

Monocouche is an updated version of traditional render, but it takes advantage of a modern manufacturing process, providing a better product than traditional renders. There is a lot to be said for the range of modern renders, and monocouche carries numerous benefits.

What is monocouche render
Why choose a monocouche render

Why choose a monocouche render?

You’ll find there are many positive aspects of monocouche render, making it one of the most popular options when rendering a home.

Enjoy colours without painting through coloured pigment

Through coloured pigment, enjoying a coloured render couldn't be easier. Whatever colour you like, or blend of colours, is available, all without painting your walls. Not having to paint creates a cost saving.

A durable rendered and attractive finish makes all the difference

A significant factor in why so many people opt for monocouche is that it is durable and will remain in place for many years. If you are looking for a low maintenance solution to remain strong for years, this rendering is a crack resistant solution, ideal for covering exposed brick or adding a decorative finish.

Monocouche rendering is easy to apply, either by hand or by machine. While this is excellent news for people looking to apply it themselves, professionals offer a textured or flat finish you will love. We are pleased to say we apply a two passes monocouche rendering finish to a high standard.

You only need one coat with monocouche, which is always a significant factor. A one-coat finish saves time in applying it, and this helps you save money; which is always a brilliant outcome.

You can enjoy a range of finishes with monocouche. Whether you are looking for a smooth or textured finish, the look can be styled, creating your perfect appearance at home.

Lower heating bills with high thermal efficiency

Not only is this solution weather resistant, it helps lower heating bills thanks to its energy efficiency levels, even with a thin coat render. With rising energy bills, you can choose monocouche with confidence.

This is completely waterproof, no matter the weather conditions or elements

Modern rendering capabilities has made monocouche even more appealing, with a broader range of weather resistance qualities factored into the process. For dependable weather protection, or if you have a coastal property exposed to the elements, you’ll find rendering an excellent choice.

It’s also possible to apply monocouche to a wide range of surfaces and materials. No matter the project, this option will look great and perform to a high standard.

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Are there any drawbacks of monocouche render?

While a monocouche render is water-resistant, it isn’t the most water-resistant render on the market. If fending off rain and water is the most crucial aspect when selecting a render, options such as silicone render might be more appealing.

Some property owners have one issue with monocouche rendering: it absorbs dirt and grime more readily than other materials. In this regard, you need to care for it more regularly, washing it down to ensure it continues to look fantastic.

Does monocouche render crack?

Cracking is a concern of many homeowners regarding their choice of rendering, but this isn’t an issue when you opt for monocouche. As monocouche render has the flexibility and texture of traditional lime render, cracking is not a concern.

Are there any drawbacks of monocouche render

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How much does monocouche render cost

How much does monocouche render cost?

With each monocouche render project carrying unique aspects, it isn’t possible to offer a blanket or fixed fee service for this style of work.

The individual cost of a project is influenced by:

  • The number of walls requiring rendering
  • The size of the walls which need rendering
  • The standard of the walls
  • The quality of construction materials used
  • The quantity of other construction materials associated with the project
  • The level of preparation work associated with the job
  • The property location
  • Additional services like paint, dry lining, base coat, reinforced basecoat or pitted effect work
  • Standard fees across the construction industry

These factors influence the cost of a monocouche project, which is why we offer a quote after reviewing your property. WeDoRender aims to provide the best value for money service. To discuss your options or want to arrange a visit and quotation for monocouche rendering work, please contact us today.

Take a final look at costs of rendering

As of 2022, the Checkatrade website states the average cost of monocouche rendering in the United Kingdom comes between £55 and £75 per m2, including labour and materials. This is a good estimate to start planning a project, but for an accurate estimate, please get in touch.

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How does monocouche rendering compare against other renders?

With so many traditional rendering solutions to choose from, it is natural for homeowners to compare monocouche rendering against other options before determining what is best for them. We’ve already outlined the benefits and drawbacks of monocouche rendering, but it is helpful to compare this substance against silicone renders and the other most popular choices.

Monocouche renders versus cement render

Given monocouche contains cement, there are similarities between these options. However, monocouche is a far less labour-intensive solution, which makes life easier for users and helps lower costs.

Cement rendering requires several coats, and if you want to add a touch of colour to the finished look, you need to paint the wall. Also, to ensure this rendering looks good, it requires continuous maintenance, which many homeowners won’t commit to.

Cement rendering remains an affordable option, allowing homeowners of all budgets to find a render that meets their needs.

So, for ease of use, durability and colour, monocouche render is the obvious choice against cement and sand render or any dry powdered render.

Monocouche renders versus sand and cement render

The same outcome is true for monocouche rendering against a sand and cement rendering. The same opportunities and drawbacks of this rendering prevail with the sand and cement render, so again, there are many positive reasons to opt for monocouche.

Monocouche renders versus silicone rendering

A big positive for monocouche against silicone render is that it is far more affordable. Silicone lasts longer, so it might provide better value for money, but if you focus on your outlay, there are reasons to opt for a monocouche render.

You’re guaranteed a good and durable finish with both solutions, so you can’t go wrong, no matter your choice. We also offer silicone rendering, so we can assist with that, but many clients will benefit from monocouche over a silicone render.

We offer a range of services in Houghton-Le-Spring, so contact WeDoRender today.

How does monocouche rendering compare against other renders
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Monocouche Rendering Houghton-Le-Spring FAQs

Does monocouche render crack?

Monocouche renders combine the texture and flexibility of traditional lime renders, which helps to minimise cracking, with a hard-wearing, low-maintenance finish that is weather resistant and visually pleasing.

What is monocouche render made of?

The use of conventional white Portland cement as a binder in a monocouche render composition allows the maker to add pigment to achieve a variety of specific colours. Because standard renderings are made with grey Portland cement, they cannot be successfully coloured.

How do you clean a monocouche?

We recommend that you give our Monocouche Scratch Render a moderate pressure wash or hand wash every 6-12 months (or whenever it's looking a little filthy). This should reduce the need for harsh cleaning agents in the future (which could break down the render).

How long does monocouche take to cure?

Cementitious materials, such as Monocouche, can take up to 28 days to fully cure, whereas thin coat renders can take up to 24-48 hours.

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