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Tyrolean Rendering Helmsley

A lot of work is involved with making a Helmsley home look great and ensuring it is in excellent condition. Of course, even though many layers play their part in protecting a home, it is often the top layer or finish that people focus on.

WeDoRender is pleased to offer an extensive selection of finishes and renders in Helmsley. We are sure there is something for every property owner, and a Tyrolean render might be perfect for your needs.

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What is Tyrolean?

The term Tyrolean is a form of render and is also a form of polymer cement. This solution is deemed more effective than plastering or basic sand and cement render finishes.

This substance is commonly applied with coating sprays or specialist machines. The polymer aspect of the substance ensures it has reliable weatherproofing capabilities. This is a suitable choice if you need to weatherproof an exterior wall.

Tyrolean is also effective at preventing cracks, something many homeowners are keen to see at home. Tyrolean is suitable for use with internal walls, but Tyrolean finishes are far more commonly associated with outside walls.

What is Tyrolean
What is a Tyrolean finish

What is a Tyrolean finish?

A Tyrolean finish, sometimes called a Tyrolean render or an Alpine finish, is an attractive render style which originated in Austria in the Great Alpine regions.

A Tyrolean render is commonly seen on brick walls, masonry, and concrete walls.

In the United Kingdom, Tyrolean render is commonly associated with commercial buildings and is also seen in many residential properties. If you are familiar with rough or pebbled finish, there is a strong chance you have seen a Tyrolean finish in real life.

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Is a Tyrolean render a good option?

Compared to traditional renders such as cement render or plaster finishes, Tyrolean rendering is a good option.

Tyrolean renders are suitable for weather proofing exterior walls

There is no denying this form of render offers insulation, stands up well to harsh weather conditions, and minimises the risk of cracks and fractures. If you want a simple wall surface coat render that will waterproof properties, this is an option to consider.

Will Tyrolean render offer external wall insulation?

We know the importance of insulating property, helping to lower energy bills. We believe Tyrolean render is effective at insulating homes, and is a suitable choice for anyone keen to better manage their heating and energy bills. The use of thin layers and flexible rendering create a good barrier for heat energy.

What colour does Tyrolean render come in?

While Tyrolean render comes in a white powder, it is possible to create any colour you like. The standard cement mixture means stone grey is common, but you'll see stylish cement finishes in all manner of shades.

Blending the powder with water and colour dye allows users to develop coloured Tyrolean finish, ideal for any home.

It is also possible to manipulate a Tyrolean mixture into any choice of pattern or texture. No matter what look you wish to achieve at a property, you can achieve it and more with Tyrolean render finishes.

Is a Tyrolean render a good option
How much does Tyrolean render cost

How much does Tyrolean render cost?

According to Checkatrade, as of the summer of 2022, the average cost of a Tyrolean finish is £32.50 per square metre, while the average cost of hiring a professional to apply your Tyrolean render runs between £45 and £60.

Elements which influence these costs include the brand of finish, the colour used, the thickness of a coat, the size of wall or external walls covered, and the location.

The sand and cement mix element of the product helps to keep some of the cost down but overall, the cullamix Tyrolean offers good value for money.

Adding colours can increase the cost of the job

Of course, when considering the cost of services, you need to think about more than the cost of materials. Even when you have low cost materials, you have labour cost, preparation work and other elements of a rendering project to take care of.

You might even have to pay more to add colours to the mix.

To arrange for us to visit your property and provide a tailored quote for Tyrolean renders, please contact WeDoRender.

We'll visit your location and ensure you receive the rendering guidance and advice you need, as well as a promise of high quality work.

How do you apply a Tyrolean finish?

At WeDoRender, we take the stress out of applying a Tyrolean finish to your home. However, we know many people are interested in the process. The essential equipment associated with this finish includes:

  • Bucket and trowel
  • Scratch comb
  • Tension bar
  • Tyrolean flicker gun

The process starts with cleaning the walls, and if there are any cracks, take time to fill these in. If the exterior wall is new, apply a first layer or layers of undercoat and first coat. This serves as an adhesive for the subsequent layers.

We work with patience and poise

A base coat should be applied, and this base coat is mixed with clean water. Initially, the mixture will be sticky and have a thick and creamy texture. It is best to work with a wet edge, and to apply from the same angle, as this aids the consistency of the finish.

Applying this render requires patience, and is often best left to professionals.

Apply the initial coat with a scratch comb, gently scratching the base coat. This finish should be left in place to dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

Once the external wall is dry, it is time to use the flicker gun for the last coat. Once

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Is there any specialist equipment for applying a Tyrolean render finish?

WeDoRender has a skilled team, and we use specialist equipment to ensure we deliver the best standard of Tyrolean render finish. A Tyrolean flicker gun is a perfect example of specialist equipment which speeds up the process and improves the quality of work.

We use a Tyrolean flicker gun as part of our work

A Tyrolean flicker gun is hand-held and used to apply cement-based render to walls, such as roughcast or Tyrolean. For a dependable finish every time, a Tyrolean gun is a great tool and one we are happy to use as part of our work.

As you’d expect, a Tyrolean gun is best used by experts.

Can you paint over Tyrolean render?

It is possible to paint over the Tyrolean render finish, but the first step of this project is to prepare the wall. Steps to take include:

  • Wash the external walls and brick with a hose
  • Spray paint the walls or use a shaggy roller
  • Reduce the pressure when washing the top layer finish to limit the risk of moisture entering the wall

There isn’t a lot of maintenance required to maintain exterior walls covered with this substance, but doing so will aid the long-term appearance of the wall.

You can also apply this render over plastering, and this is one of the many roles we are more than happy to provide. When it comes to render work and plastering, WeDoRender is always here for you.

Is there any specialist equipment for applying a Tyrolean render finish
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Is Tyrolean render waterproof

Is Tyrolean render waterproof?

As you’d expect from an external wall insulation containing cement and silicone render, the render can withstand extreme weather conditions.

The external wall can handle some rain, but moisture can eventually find its way into the layer, creating cracks and other problems.

Weatherproofing exterior walls is an important task, and a Tyrolean render finish is an option for many homes. Then again, if your house is exposed to extreme weather conditions, you might need a more dependable solution.

There might be a more effective waterproof render for you, and we can advise you on the best options for your exterior walls.


We'll cover your surface in style

WeDoRender in Helmsley provide a wide range of services, and we work with many forms of rendering. No matter the surface, be it brickwork or even internal walls, when it comes to painting and rendering, we have opinions and solutions.

Tyrolean is an excellent choice, available in all colours, and ideal for all manner of projects.

If you would like to discuss this material, or would like to hire our services, please contact our Helmsley team today.

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Tyrolean Rendering Helmsley FAQs

Is Tyrolean waterproof?

Tyrolean rendering is a cement-based finish that contains silicone to provide waterproof qualities. It is a coating used on masonry or concrete wall surfaces that is ideal for situations with surrounding water and/or high humidity, such as coastal, suburban, and rural areas.

Can you Tyrolean with sand and cement?

Yes, and the mix for this form of tyrolean render finish rendering is normally a combination of lime, cement, sand, and water, with a ratio of 1 (cement): 2 (sand): 1 (water): 1 (lime).

Can you Tyrolean over Pebbledash?

Because pebble dash is not at all flexible, if pressure is exerted from within the damp wall, the wall surface has no choice except to try to expand to compensate. This also applies to several tyrolean surfaces. Unfortunately, because the pebbledash is not flexible, it cracks.

Is Tyrolean render breathable?

The tyrolean we're discussing is a polymer cement and a form of render that is permeable on the inside and waterproofing on the outside.

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