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Coloured Rendering Jarrow

Rendering your Jarrow home is a great idea, protecting your home and insulating your property. This work saves money and can add value to your home.

However, if you are concerned about the finished colour and want to improve the appearance of your Jarrow home, you might be put off by the scale of a paint job.

You don’t need to worry about this. Coloured render solutions allow you to enjoy the benefits of rendering with any colour you want. This saves time and money while ensuring you have the finish you dream of.

To learn more about tinted rendering or book an appointment to render your home, contact our Jarrow team at WeDoRender today.

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What is coloured rendering?

Coloured render, which is sometimes known as through-coloured render, is a modified version of exterior coating render.

As the name suggests, the difference is a colour pigment is applied to the render in the manufacturing process. So, rather than having a top coat of colour applied to render, the actual render has a tint all the way through it.

You can choose from different colours, including all popular colours, and it's a solution of the highest quality.

If you are looking for a hard wearing, low maintenance and high performance render system, capable of smooth or textured finishes, and as adaptable to brick, cement, acrylic and silicone as you'd hope for, coloured render is a fine example of taking a good product and improving it.

What is coloured rendering
What are the benefits of colour rendering

What are the benefits of colour rendering?

All the typical benefits of rendering are present in this coloured solution with this adapted version having several benefits on top of the standard product, including:

  • With a colour through the render, your home doesn't require painting, so you save time and money, both on labour and paint
  • The consistency of the pigmentation process creates a great look across the render, often better than what people achieve when painting a property
  • There is a huge range of colours to choose from
  • The coloured render revitalises homes and creates a look which many people love
  • When applied correctly, a thin coat render with colour can add value to a home
  • You can enjoy a simple texture, a fine textured style, a smooth finish or even something from the scraped texture range at your home, even special effect finishes to make your building stand out

So, with colourful application adding these benefits to the durability, insulation qualities, weather-resistance (especially mineral render solutions) and protection elements associated with typical render, it is easy to see why many people opt for this solution.

This is a crack resistant, weather resistant solution with dirt resistance available in popular colours.

We help you form an opinion in your search for colours

WeDoRender is pleased to provide a wide range of coloured render solutions, and if you would like to discuss your options, we are more than happy to do so.

Not every homeowner wants a colourful render finish. Some property owners prefer simplicity and wouldn’t thank you for a brightly coloured exterior wall.

Whatever style is right for your home, we’ll make sure you enjoy looking at your wall and know it protects your home and loved ones.

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How much does coloured rendering cost?

There are many components associated with coloured render. To achieve the best results with this style of render, you need to apply a number of elements to the property, not just the product itself. Take note of the elements associated with renders:

A primer, which has a cost of around £0.76 per square metre

A base coat, and although there are many types and strengths to choose from, you should budget for around £4.50 per square metre

A mesh layer, which is embedded to the base coat and offers more flexibility, is around £0.92 per square metre.

Primer, applied between the render and base coat, costing around £0.93 per square metre

Render, available in different styles, textures and thousands of colours, and a good starting point is budgeting for £6.29 per square metre.

Adding these costs together comes to £13.4 per square metre, but this is just the cost of materials. You also have labour costs, and other materials to consider, like board systems.

You also need to consider rising costs, with all companies increasing the price of products across the board. To ensure you budget the project appropriately, you should call WeDoRender to assess your property.

We are happy to talk you through the process and evaluate the cost of the job you want to undertake at your home.

How much does coloured rendering cost
Is coloured render more expensive

Is coloured render more expensive?

Given an additional step in the manufacturing process, it is not unreasonable to assume renders with a colour are more expensive than traditional rendering without this step.

Find the right render system and shade for your budget and home

Then again, not all products are the same, so there might be a more affordable option from one company that provides a better solution or value for your home.

Add colour to brick or any surface with a coat render

There are some low cost solutions, even with colours, and of course, you can opt for a single layer, or even a through coloured render system with traditional sand as opposed to a silicone render with silicone technology.

Coloured render systems aren't necessarily more expensive

There will always be ways to lower costs, even with through coloured rendering, but whether this is the best solution for you in the long term, depends on many factors.

If you would like to discuss your options or need guidance on which a colourful render delivers the results you want to see on the walls of your house, we are more than happy to help.

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How long does coloured render last?

The quality and durability of shaded render depends on the quality and standard of the render itself. There is a broad range of rendering materials and solutions, and some are more dependable than others.

Take great care of your home

It is natural you want a long lasting finish on the walls of your house, and the different types of render systems deliver different results. For colours that last, the type of rendering system matters.

A range of colours suitable for different types of property and surface

Also, the type and condition of your building impacts the longevity of the render, as does the way render is applied directly, or not, to a house.

Make a smart render choice with us

As you can see, the outcome will vary depending on so many factors, and if you want to discuss the full range of render systems for your building, please contact WeDoRender.

Do you need a cement based render?

Traditional render solutions such as sand and cement, or monocouche render does a job. Still, demand for these products has been overtaken by greater demand for silicone based renders and acrylic render. Resin renders are more flexible, and less prone to cracking than cement render.

A synthetic based silicone render provides confidence for home owners

It is possible to colour through these renders, and they have a long lifespan, which is astounding considering they don’t require much maintenance.

A colourful acrylic or silicone render can provide you with 20 to 25 years of excellent service without needing much work to improve its appearance.

When it comes to creating a look you love while protecting your home for many years, synthetic based ones provide an excellent option that transforms properties.

How long does coloured render last
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Can you apply coloured renders over existing render

Can you apply coloured renders over existing render?

It is possible to apply renders with a colour on top of existing rendering, but it depends on the condition of the home and existing renders.

This isn’t a task that is possible at all homes, and if you would like WeDoRender to assess your home and give an opinion on whether this is possible, we are more than happy to do so.

The right top coat matters

In cases when the existing rendering is in great condition, colourful renders can be applied with a flexible and premium adhesive as a base coat, as opposed to the EPS base coat.

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Coloured render services that are right for you

Get in touch if you need guidance on coloured rendered solutions, it's cost and suitability, or you want to book professionals to undertake this job.

WeDoRender, as the name suggests, are render specialists, and our tinted rendering services will bring your home to life with colours and dependability.

Coloured render services that are right for you

Coloured Rendering Jarrow FAQs

Is Coloured render more expensive?

The total cost depends on the system you choose, but it will be around twice as much as coloured render due to the additional labour and materials necessary. However, render and EWI should not be compared side by side because they provide completely distinct answers.

What is the best coloured render?

Grey is one of the best render colours in this regard, with Pantone's colour of the year for 2021 being Ultimate Gray. Grey has grown extremely fashionable in recent years, blending perfectly with the traditional neutral design.

Can you paint over coloured render?

You can, indeed, paint over the render. You can be an artist of your rendered wall if you have the correct tools and paint.

Does coloured render fade?

Most colours fade or lose strength to variable degrees over time, depending on how much exposure to harsh atmospheric conditions occurs during the life of the coating system.

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